Thursday, October 7, 2010


Just a small thought with shit load of irony on top of it.

What if H1n1 vaccine called as Pandemrix was 
just some kind of conspiracy to get half of the globe infected with t-virus-like decease? And now some big chief out there has the big red button to start the zombie-apocalypse. Cos after all the vaccine was not sticked up to every butt in U.S.

But after all, we would save the earths nature if zombie-apocalypse would strike.

Second funny alternative of last days of human life would be combining two different ends of the world, like first the zombies and then Yankees go and blowup the Eurasian continent, in purpose to kill all the zombies running around, but failing it and causing nuclear-holocaust. It's like combining Left4Dead with Fallout, would it then be "Left out & fell 4 death?"
Is there sommere sum cumpany workin on diz shit already?! There MUST be! It would be so epic!

Now just waiting with excitement to get filming my own zombie-short film.

Guts and smiles, Cheers! 

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