Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Idiotizm ov teh day.

Two weeks ago for some odd reason we were talking about yet not invented device named as PROJECTOR OF DARKNESS!
Name tells it all. We got lamps that project light so why could we not have a "lamp" that produces total darkness?
It could come pretty handy to carry pocket-sized ink black darkness. Like you're at beach and you wanna change your clothes in privacy, so you could just cast shadow on you for a moment to jump to your swimming suit.
At this point our teacher threw us a second point of view, thinking that it should be a portable black hole which could be controlled.
During the day this thought of pocket-sized black hole started to cook slowly in my head, then I started to think that it would be a portal to another dimension where's no light, so maybe some goods could be stored there? What if you go inside the black dimension and break your remote? Will you be just forgotten to your endless darkness to die? 
But here my mind has already constructed new idiotic scenario, which is worried about weight of the globe when stuff is been stored to black parallel dimensions. Would the planet stay at its normal course around the sun? Would the sun suck the planet closer because of planets fast diet or would we swing to outer space to freeze?

Why such a small innocent thought ends in end of the world?

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